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Teaching Kids Simple Yoga Poses

With input from Teachers and Certified Yoga Instructors

About Molly & Omari
Children's Book Series

from the author:

During the Pandemic my heart went out to all who were suffering from the loss of loved ones as well as the extraordinary effects of quarantining and isolation. But my heart felt a special sorrow for the children, ripped out of their classrooms and away from friends, learning in front of a screen, and with parents who were, no doubt, equally stressed from the pandemic as well. Having already raised my children, I couldn’t imagine how the parents of young children were handling this… the anxiety must have been through the roof!

I wondered what I could do to help and offered up a silent prayer for guidance. I thought that the answer may be in bringing neighbors meals or donating to food banks or charities that were organizing help for people. But the next day I woke up with the Molly and Omari series just sitting there on my mind and in my heart.

Write a children’s book? A series of them? Ha! This was borderline outrageous! After all, I am a non-fiction gal through and through. I read non-fiction, I write non-fiction, and I’ve always thought I could never write fiction, that I just had no imagination for that.

Well, lots of quips here that would cause eye-rolling in my adult children (Never say never! You don’t know until you try!) Sorry….

Well, I guess there is some non-fiction aspect to the series in that the books teach real-life coping skills and strategies that kids can learn and use not only as children, but throughout their lives. These coping skills are weaved into fun adventures that the two best friends, Molly and Omari, find themselves in.

No child, no teen, no adult should have to suffer from anxiety. It is my heartfelt hope that this series helps children (who will become teens and then adults) with skills they can do all on their own that can help stop anxiety in its tracks. Parents - I would love to hear feedback from your children and teachers - I would love to hear feedback from your students! You can email me at

formal recommendations for the series:

The last chapter in the Molly and Omari series speaks to the reader directly, encouraging them by stating how many words and chapters they just read, thereby increasing metacognition, boosting their confidence, and contributing to their social and emotional well-being.

Recommended by teachers for teaching SEL (social-emotional learning), skills for coping with anxiety, socialization, behavior management, getting along with others, sharing, cooperative learning and problem-solving.

Realistic Fiction. Grade Levels: 1-3. Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels L-N.


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This is a rare and terrific book to get kids introduced and curious about yoga in an accessible and relatable way. I like how the author described yoga poses that were modeled after things kids already knew such as a dog, camel, tortoise, tree, owl, etc., with great illustrations!

The author also does a good job giving practical applications of yoga poses to everyday things in a kid's life. The scenes of catching dragon flys, rock skipping, trying to fall asleep, and concentrating at the county fair all allow for the benefits of yoga to integrate with the challenges of everyday life.

I would recommend this book to any parent who wants to introduce yoga (or already has) to young kids or is looking for inspiration on how to make yoga more relatable to kids. The story is easy to follow while the vocabulary is challenging enough to push kids to learn more difficult adjectives to describe their world and feelings.

I am excited to read about the future topics in the Molly and Omari series!



"This book is a dynamic way to introduce yoga to young children.  The author did a great job of making yoga playful by introducing an unlikely wise friend that teaches Molly and Omari all about different animal shapes they can make with their bodies to help them feel relaxed, clear their minds and begin making that mind-body connection. Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in school-age children.  Through yoga, kids start to realize they are strong and then are able to take that strength, confidence, acceptance, and compassion out into the world. I look forward to reading all the books in the Molly and Omari series.”

“The author included such valuable poses and techniques that are simple and useful. I can visualize kids trying these on their own but also in a group or small group directed by a teacher, school counselor or even a health/physed teacher. I loved how the author spoke to the reader at the end of the book encouraging them and congratulating them - that was great! I really enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait to read the others in the series!”

“The vocabulary and storyline in this book are excellent!  I can think of several ways to incorporate this book into my daily lessons, from learning to read, spell and define vocabulary, to utilizing as a companion text for lessons on science and social-emotional learning.  In the midst of this pandemic of 2020, nothing could be more valuable and right on target than a story that informs and equips children with the tools to keep themselves centered, relaxed and calm through yoga. I highly recommend this book!

Julie H.

Yoga Instructor

Patty H,.

Disability Teacher

Carol M.

Reading Specialist

I read Molly and Omari Learn Yoga to my 2nd grade class. My class right now is hybrid (half at home and half in front of me). Both groups enjoyed the story and tried out the poses as I read the description that Molly & Omari followed. I was surprised by the background knowledge many had of the different yoga poses. The story had a very calming flow to it. I read it at the end of the day but I easily see it being a story to read after recess to calm and refocus students. I asked my students their favorite part and they shared that they liked the characters and the yoga pose but everyone agreed that their most favorite part was when the author spoke to them after the story was finished. They had never read/listened to a story where the author spoke directly to them and they were charmed by it. I highly recommend this book.

The book is looking great, and it's very fun to read it with my nephews and nieces. It's a great way for kids to learn yoga, mindfulness, and to be stress-free especially in this pandemic. This is awesome for kids to stop using gadgets for awhile. Thanks for a wonderful story!

B. Abanilla

I am a great grandmother and i bought the book thinking that my grandkids could read it to their kids. I really believe that yoga is a great way to deal with anxiety, especially in young children who do not typically have coping mechanisms yet. Starting at a young age could help in their future. This book with very well written and presented in such a fun way to keep children engaged, while learning ways to work through anxiety. Wish i could give this more than 5 stars!!

Janine W.

2nd Grade Teacher

What a fun way to introduce children to yoga and simple relaxation tools that they can learn and use easily in everyday life.

Loved the characters, the story, the vocabulary, and the colorful illustrations which show kids simple yoga poses in an understandable and approachable way. Kids will look forward to following Molly and Omari’s future adventures!

Brenda B.

Great Grandmother

Absolutely loved this book and so did my son! It's very important to teach young children coping and calming techniques, especially now during the pandemic.
So happy with this purchase!

Kathleen M.

Disability Teacher

Sue A.


Such a fun and easy way to introduce kids to yoga. It is important to teach them mindfulness at an early age! Love this book and would totally recommend!

Sarah B.

Physician's Assistant

Supports Reading Skills, Social/Emotional and good Health habits .Great book for boosting reading skills. The story is engaging and fun while supportive of children's social/emotional growth along with Yoga and it's health benefits.

Marianne R.

Owner, Learn to Grow Children's Centers

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