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Illustrated by Bemmygail Abanilla


Looking for fun children's stories that entertain as well as teach coping skills? Molly and Omari Learn Deep Breathing is the third book in the Molly and Omari series that continues the adventures of the two best friends while also instructing them (and their young readers!) how to breathe in a way that reduces stress and helps kids focus.


In Molly and Omari Learn Deep Breathing, neighbors Molly and Omari and their families vacation together on the ocean of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, USA, encountering all kinds of new and exciting sea experiences that kids will delight in reading about while also learning an important skill - deep breathing. Molly and Omari Learn Deep Breathing empowers kids to tackle big emotions while also fostering their love of reading and learning.


Wonderful for children reading chapter books on their own, for teachers reading to their classroom, and for parents reading to their children. Enjoy!

Bonus: The last chapter in Molly and Omari Learn Tapping speaks to the reader directly, encouraging them by stating how many words and chapters they just read, thereby increasing metacognition, boosting confidence, and contributing to social and emotional well-being.

Recommended by teachers for teaching SEL (social-emotional learning), skills for coping with anxiety, socialization, behavior management, getting along with others, sharing, cooperative learning and problem-solving. Realistic Fiction. Grade Levels: 1-3. Fountas and Pinnell Reading Levels L-N. If you love this book, check out the others in the Molly and Omari series!

1. Molly and Omari Learn Yoga
2. Molly and Omari Learn Tapping
3. Molly and Omari Learn Deep Breathing
4. Molly and Omari Learn Qigong
5. Molly and Omari Learn Meditating
6. Molly and Omari Learn Fear Shrinking
7. Molly and Omari Learn Listening to Nature
8. Molly and Omari Learn Gratitude Games
9. Molly and Omari Learn Habit Stacking
10. Molly and Omari Learn How to Drink their Veggies!
11. Molly and Omari Learn Energy Medicine
12. Molly and Omari Learn How to Communicate with Animals

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